June 9, Semesp has brought representatives from Harvard and MIT to Brazil to discuss the future of higher education. Are the institutions prepared for new generations of students? Are universities following the world changes in technology? What can be done to engage these new students?

These were some of the questions answered by Dr. Stephanie H. Kennen, Manager Director of the General Education Program at Harvard University, and Prof. Vijay Kumar, Deputy Director and Senior Strategic Consultant at MIT Digital Education, during the event “The Future of Higher Education”. To register what was being discussed on that day, Semesp has invited four rapporteurs. They gathered their impressions in a synthesis for the production of a publication which will bring guidelines for the sector in the coming years.

In many cases, leaders recognize that changing is needed, but they do not know where to start or how to do it. To collaborate with HEIs and their managers, Semesp holds this annual event. It bears the important reflection on the future of teaching and helps managers to promote institutional changes by providing qualified analysis.

In the analysis of the two exhibitors, the future is built in a planned way and with respect to the institution’s trajectory. Teachers had defended the need of the institutions to make consistent institutional changes and transformations with strategic character, carried out with reflection and data analysis.

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