Day 25, last Sunday evening, 42 students from 15 educational institutions from all over Brazil went to Massachussetts in the United States for their first Student Leadership Training Program for the 21st century, an event developed by Semesp in partnership with Laspau, a non-profit organization linked to Harvard University.

On their first day, students went to Harvard International Relations building for the lecture themed “Leadership – Skills and Knowledge” by John Paul Rollert, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Among different activities, the lecturer showed how a leader should be and how to form a correct and effective networking that creates professional ties with people, so that they may be interested in you.

Here’s a bit of their morning activity:

In the afternoon, the students held a debate on entrepreneurship in the innovative ecosystem, led by Dr. Ramón Sánchez Piña, Director of Sustainable Technologies and Health at Harvard University School of Public Health.