BOSTON COLLEGE: 84th International Higher Education Bulletin

Welcome to Boston College 84th Bulletin.

The Bulletin of International Higher Education is published by Boston College and aims to disseminate information, cases of success and good practices of Higher Education around the world. This material is translated and distributed in seven different languages ​​and the official translation and distribution in Brazil is performed by Semesp.

Stay within the International Higher Education scenario with Boston College: International Higher Education Bulletin.

This is Boston College 84th Bulletin, which contains a number of scholarly articles on The Game of Rankings, The Crisis of Refugees and Higher Education, Corruption and Academic Culture, International Issues, Student Problems, Countries and Regions, among others. Check out the topics covered:

  • Another Year, Another Methodology: Do Rankings Tell Us Something New?;
  • Global University Rankings as Higher Education “Olympic Games”?;
  • National Systems of Higher Education: The Rankings of U21;
  • U-Multirank and Universities of Latin America;
  • The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Higher Education;
  • German Universities Open Doors for Refugees: Access Barriers Remain;
  • The Scourge of Fraud and Corruption in Higher Education;
  • Toxic Academic Culture in East Asia;
  • International Higher Education and the “Neoliberal Turn”;
  • The United Nations, International Higher Education and Knowledge;
  • The Evolution of the Research Panorama in International Education;
  • The Many Traditions of Liberal Arts – and Their Global Relevance;
  • Neo-Nationalism: Challenges for International Students;
  • Student Mobility Problems in Southeast Asia;
  • France Discusses International Student Fees;
  • UK Teaching Quality Under the Microscope;
  • Higher Education in Kosovo.

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