BOSTON COLLEGE: 85th International Higher Education Bulletin

Welcome to Boston College 85th Bulletin.

The Bulletin of International Higher Education is published by Boston College and aims to disseminate information, cases of success and good practices of Higher Education around the world. This material is translated and distributed in seven different languages ​​and the official translation and distribution in Brazil is performed by Semesp.

Stay tuned to the International Higher Education scenario with Boston College: International Higher Education Bulletin.

This is Boston College 85th Bulletin, which contains several articles by scholars on International Issues, Internationalization, Focus on Brazil, African Development, Central Asia, Europe, among others. Check out the topics covered:

  • What is the “Special Sauce” for Innovation in the University?;
  • International Campi: Evolution of a Phenomenon;
  • End of the Printed School Monograph;
  • Giving Credit Where It Is Due;
  • Research in Higher Education becomes Global;
  • National Policies for Internationalization: Do they work?;
  • Employment Opportunity as a Propeller of Student Mobility;
  • International Teaching Market: Emerging Trends;
  • Value of Administrative Personnel for Internationalization;
  • Rise and Fall of Science Without Borders of Brazil;
  • High Risk Vestibular in Brazil;
  • Islamic-Secular Segmentations in the Universities of Tunisia;
  • Frantz Fanon and #MustFall Movements in South Africa;
  • All or Nothing: The Dilemma of Higher Education in South Sudan;
  • Challenges for the PhD courses in Africa;
  • Kyrgyzstan: Quality Assurance – Standards matter?;
  • Governance reforms in Kazakhstan;
  • Private Higher Education in France, For Profit;
  • Performance Based Financing in Europe.

Good reading!