BOSTON COLLEGE: 86th International Higher Education Bulletin

Welcome to Boston College 86th Bulletin.

The Bulletin of International Higher Education is published by Boston College and aims to disseminate information, cases of success and good practices of Higher Education around the world. This material is translated and distributed in seven different languages ​​and the official translation and distribution in Brazil is performed by Semesp.

Stay tuned to the International Higher Education scenario with Boston College: International Higher Education Bulletin.

This is Boston College 86th Bulletin, which contains a number of scholarly articles on International Issues, Focus on Internationalization, Challenges in China and India, Private Higher Education: A Global Changeable Landscape, African Affairs, Countries and Regions, among others. Check out the topics covered:

  • Predatory magazines and publishing houses;
  • International Doctorate and Master’s Students: What the Data Tell Us;
  • Does the Mobility Research Have Influence on Productivity and Impact?;
  • The Academic-Professional Debate in International Higher Education;
  • Internationalization in Canadian Higher Education;
  • China: Smarter Standards for International Level Universities;
  • China: “Glass Ceiling” and “Clay Feet”;
  • Markets and massification in India;
  • Academic Freedom in the Greatest Democracy in the World;
  • United Kingdom “New” Private Sector;
  • Changing Dynamics in Poland;
  • Private Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Experiences from Ghana;
  • Campus Branch Offices in Kenya;
  • Chilean Universities: Not that free after all;
  • Location in Saudi Arabia;
  • The Expansion of the Higher Education System in Luxembourg.

Good reading!