BOSTON COLLEGE: 87th International Higher Education Bulletin

Welcome to Boston College 87th Bulletin.

The Bulletin of International Higher Education is published by Boston College and aims to disseminate information, cases of success and good practices of Higher Education around the world. This material is translated and distributed in seven different languages ​​and the official translation and distribution in Brazil is performed by Semesp.

Stay tuned to the International Higher Education scenario with Boston College: International Higher Education Bulletin.

This is the Boston College 87th Bulletin, which contains several articles by scholars on European Crisis, Integrity and Corruption, Campus Affiliates and Transactional Education, Internationalization Perspectives, World-Class Universities, Private Higher Education, Countries and Regions, among others. Check out the topics covered:

  • Brexit and the European way of going around;
  • The Impact of the Economic Crisis on European Universities;
  • The World Challenge for Academic Integrity;
  • Analyzing Corruption in Indian Higher Education;
  • How Much Autonomy Do Branch Campuses Really Have?
  • The Ambition of the Singapore’s “World University”;
  • How International Branch Campuses Distinguish from Others;
  • Transnational Education in Chinese Secondary Education;
  • International Advisory Councils: A New Perspective of Internationalization;
  • Internationalization of the Curriculum in Israeli Colleges;
  • Excellence Initiatives to Create World-Class Universities;
  • Funding World-Class Universities;
  • Two Fundamental Obstacles to Russian Academic Excellence;
  • Vietnam Governance and Policy in Private Higher Education;
  • Private Higher Education in Latin America;
  • Revenue Diversification and Reform in Ethiopia;
  • The Western Balkans: Recent Challenges and Trends;

Good reading!