BOSTON COLLEGE: 88th International Higher Education Bulletin

Welcome to Boston College 88th Bulletin.

Semesp offers a free edition of the quarterly journal “International Higher Education”, a Boston College publication that aims to foster an international perspective that will contribute to clarifying policy and good practices, as well as showing what is happening in the world in private or public higher education institutions.

In Issue 88th, winter edition, in Traditions and Internationalization Trends, there is a reflection on the ‘place’ of American universities in the Arab world. For the author, despite the high level of education offered, these institutions need to be strongly influenced in the cities and communities where they are located. Still in this session, scholars Bannie Yingfei He and Alan Ruby tell the experiences of a Chinese campus branch in Malaysia, there is also an account of the latest developments in foreign higher education in India.

In Megatrends in Britain, the authors discuss the UK’s exit from the European Union and how this will impact the education sector. “For higher education, a sector in the United Kingdom where the relationship with Europe has been unequivocally positive – a victory for both European and UK countries – the consequences will be as destabilizing as anticipated before the vote.”

In International Topics, “The Use of Academic Libraries in the Digital Age: What the Numbers Say” showed that, in the United States, the circulation of physical items in universities declined by 29% in the internet age (1997 to 2011). A discussion of what will happen to the recent graduates and research on transnational education have also been discussed.

Boston College 88th Bulletin also has three more chapters: Focus on Southeast Asia, Christian Higher Education – Global Trends and Countries & Regions, where there is a complex discussion about Latin American universities stuck in the twentieth century and why they are so.

The journal is published quarterly in English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. The translated version for Portuguese is available free of charge by Semesp.

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