BOSTON COLLEGE: 91th International Higher Education Bulletin

Welcome to Boston College 91th Bulletin.

The Bulletin of International Higher Education is published by Boston College and aims to disseminate information, cases of success and good practices of Higher Education around the world. This material is translated and distributed in seven different languages and the official translation and distribution in Brazil is performed by Semesp.

Stay tuned to the International Higher Education scenario with Boston College: International Higher Education Bulletin.

This is Boston College 91th Bulletin, which contains several articles by scholars.

Check out the topics covered:

  • Public good and higher education;
  • “Freedom of expression” and “offensive language” on campus;
  • Differentiation and systems: research university responsibilities;
  • Armenia: cross-border higher education;
  • Mauritius: internationalization challenges;
  • The internationalization of Ukraine;
  • Free higher education: confusing equality and equity;
  • The emergence – and dangers – of free college-based income;
  • Public universities and budget cuts in Malaysia;
  • Underfunding of Australian higher education;
  • Storm in the Cup of Rankings: An African Perspective;
  • Research: the “lost mission” of African universities;
  • India: world-class universities?
  • Quality of researchers in Pakistan;
  • Diversity and inclusion in India;
  • India: the consternations of private expansion;
  • The cultural mission of the best universities in China;
  • The slow road to general education in China;
  • New “startups” in China’s higher education system.

Good reading!