THE FUTURE OF HIGHER EDUCATION - the perspectives for HEIS for the next 10 years

With success of public and participation, Semesp held in June the Seminar that discussed the Future of Higher Education. Following the lectures of Dr. Vijay Kumar of MIT and Dr. Stephanie H. Kenen of Harvard University, the four invited speakers debated the high points of what was spoken by the speakers and how this could be applied to the Brazilian reality in different contexts.

At the time, they undertook the commitment with Semesp to prepare, together, a document describing how the future of higher education will be built, based on all that has been said.

Prof. Ana Maria Costa de Sousa, Academic Advisor at UNICESUMAR.
Prof. Sueli Cristina Marquesi, Dean of Cruzeiro do Sul University.
Prof. Priscila Simões, Vice-Rector of UniItalo.
Prof. Alexandre Gracioso, Vice President of ESPM.