Semesp brings together an expressive group of Brazilian educational maintainers and aims to preserve, protect and defend the private segment of higher education and to provide specialized guide services to its members.

Committed to innovation and excellence in higher education, Semesp provides solutions for the development of academic education in the country by maintaining a specialized technical structure that periodically carries out studies, researches and events on topics of great relevance to the sector; the entity also promotes interaction between educational maintainers and professionals.

Founded on 1979, February 15th, with state performance, the entity was named Sindicato das Entidades Mantenedoras de Estabelecimentos de Ensino Superior no Estado de São Paulo.

With a currently national scope, Semesp has a trajectory marked by significant accomplishments that have contributed to make São Paulo the largest center of private higher education in Latin America.

Chaired by Prof. Hermes Ferreira Figueiredo, Semesp brings together 200 educational maintainers in the State of São Paulo and Brazil, representing 470 higher education establishments – among Technological Education Centers, University Centers, Colleges and Universities.

Until 1977, private higher education was represented in the salary negotiations by the Union of Commercial Education Establishments in the State of São Paulo, current SIEEESP – Sindicato dos Estabelecimentos de Ensino no Estado de São Paulo. By this time, the link no longer served the interests of the sector concerning professional unions and it was difficult to achieve the frame of a new union category.

In face of this, the Professional Association of Entities Maintaining Higher Education Institutions in the State of São Paulo, presided by Dr. Philomeno Joaquim da Costa, Rector of Mackenzie, and, soon after, by Prof. Luiz Paulo Schiavon, from Organização Santamarense de Educação e Cultura (OSEC), currently Universidade de Santo Amaro (UNISA). Thanks to the persistence of its founders and to the collaboration of Dr. Argemiro Barros de Araújo, the so-longed-for goal was achieved, culminating in the delivery, on 1979, February 15, by the former Minister of Labor, Arnaldo Prieto, of Semesp’s Union Endorsement Letter to its representatives.